How To Bag Grain

Article published on: Oct 15

Everything you need to know about how to add grain bags to your farming operation.

At Pro Grain Equipment, we believe in grain bagging and the positive effects it can have on farming operations. From helping to mitigate farming challenges and working to lower farming budgets to managing different labour needs and even assisting with supply chain management, grain bagging can be a huge game-changer for farm and grain operations of all sizes.

When it comes to adding grain bagging into your operation’s game plan, it’s important to know how grain bags work and the value they can bring to your business. Here’s everything you need to know about grain bags:

What do grain bags do?

Grain bags give you a new way to store your grain in an innovative setting ideal for running a low-cost business. Grain bags are versatile, less expensive options for your business that allow you to store your grain directly on your property while keeping your crop safe from weather and poor storage issues. When using grain bags, you’re able to load, fill and seal your crop on the field as you work. In addition, you don’t need nearly as much labour (or transportation) when it comes to your harvest logistics.

Grain bagging machinery is simple and allows you to have a streamlined process for your grain, and the process of grain bagging requires minimal equipment. With a bagger, auger, roller and extractor, you’ll be set to completely transform the way that you and your farm do business.

What are the benefits of grain bagging?

Adding grain bags into your day to day is full of benefits to both you and to the workforce you employ. Some of the benefits of grain bags are:

  • Lowered costs on all fronts, from a diminished need for labour to a lower cost for storage (grain bagging allows you to store your grain at just 7 cents a bushel)
  • Grain bags allow you to extend the harvest window by starting earlier and ending later
  • Harvest speed and efficiency is increased with grain bags since grain bagging allows for storage directly on the field
  • Grain bags give you the opportunity to market your crop for top dollar by allowing you to tailor and optimize your commodity marketing
  • Grain bags help with managing poor weather, and can also allow for storage of grain with a higher moisture content
  • Grain bags reduce the need for transportation and related costs since grain is bagged (stored) directly on the fields
  • Grain bags add an unlimited additional storage option for higher yields, and grain bags also diminish the need for investing capital into other temporary or permanent storage options
  • Grain bags will help you to keep your harvest moving, from the ability to keep combines running to adjusting for challenges like weather and transportation

What are common problems that grain bags help fix?

Grain bags will help you to address many problems that tend to come to light during different seasons, from farming challenges to labour needs. Here are some common problems that can be helped by grain bags:

  • Grain bags provide a flexible storage option perfect for farmers with excess land or with a need to cut down on additional transportation and storage costs
  • Grain bags help with managing your farm’s balance sheet, as they’re up to ⅔ less than other grain storage options
  • Grain bags allow for upped efficiency and time management among your labour force, sparking higher productivity and leading to less downtime on and from the combines
  • Grain bags help with the speed in farming, allowing for faster harvests and a fix for supply chain issues that can stem from weather or transport distances
  • Grain bags are excellent for different times in your farming business, whether you’re dealing with an excess of crop that needs to be stored or a lower amount of demand

How can I start grain bagging?

By contacting Pro Grain Equipment today, you can start on the grain bagging journey that will help you to completely transform your business. With high-quality, top-notch equipment and customer service that puts you first, our grain bags and grain bagging equipment will lead you to the next step in farming.