Announcing the New Bagger B-2010H

Article published on: Jul 05

Pro Grain Equipment announces the release of the all-new B-2010H, the next-generation of high capacity baggers at an affordable price.

With this high-quality grain bagging machine, any farmer now has the ability to get their crop off faster and more efficiently — approximately 32,000 bushels/hour which equates to 530 bushels every minute!


B-2010H Highlights

  • The ability to empty a cart or combine in minutes
  • End tow road transport option
  • 20″ direct drive auger
  • Fit a 500-foot long bag with a 10-foot diameter
  • Easy lift bag loading cradle system
  • Never-fail manual lift bag pan arms
  • Hydraulic disc brakes on operating wheels

Each bagger comes with an impressive 2-year limited warranty.

Contact us today to stock this unit ahead of the harvest season.