Why Bag Grain

Reasons to choose bagged grain storage

Harvest Challenges

  • Want to harvest faster?
  • Want control over weather?
  • Want a better grade?
  • Want to control when to market your grain?
  • Want to farm more acres?
  • Want to farm with less man power?
  • Want to reduce money spent on trucks and trailers?

Bagging Your Grain

  • Keep harvest moving; time is money during harvest and bagging grain allows farmers the flexibility to manage harvest challenges such as weather or transportation logistics
  • Can increase harvest efficiency by bringing harvest storage requirements directly to the harvest operation in the field
  • Improves the farmers ability to control and plan commodity marketing; marketing crop for top dollar
  • Reduces the need to sink capital into additional transportation fleet equipment
  • Reduces the need to manage additional harvest labor constraints
  • Storage solution for rented land without need to sink capital into permanent storage
  • Unlimited additional storage capacity for handling high yield crops
  • Improves ability to avoid weather related harvest constraints
  • Store your grain in bags for about 7 cents per bushel
  • A reliable storage solution, transport grain after harvest, freeing up valuable time at harvest without sacrificing grain quality
  • Expand the harvest window, start harvest operations earlier in the season and running later into fall by bagging grain that is higher than average moisture